19-21th June 2019, Spirit Hotel Sárvár*****

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5th Smart Factory ConnAction Conference

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Manufacture smart!

[industry 4.0 conference]


Industrial IoT and industry 4.0 are now well-known concepts. However, their introduction
represented a considerable challenge for multiple manufacturing companies in Hungary,
even though there were no financial obstacles to this.
The introduction of industry 4.0 is a complex and large scale technology, IT, HR, and
management task. Despite the challenge it is worth the effort – this is why this year’s
conference concentrates on case studies to demonstrate the processes required to
introduce industry 4.0. Presentations will also share and analyse the risks involved and
show possible solutions. Such risks may include the resistance of other departments,
lack of competent staff or insufficient knowledge of the technology involved, and
difficulties in finding the appropriate vendor. The presentations will face these
challenges openly and will suggest tried and tested best practices to solve possible
Is industry 4.0 and IoT an option exclusively for larger plants? Speakers will share some
success stories of Hungarian SMEs that managed to make the switch to industry 4.0
without massive investments of capital and human effort. Was this a wise decision? The
speakers will tell you all about it at the conference.
Expert speakers

Expert Speakers, Real Life Case Studies

Smart Factory ConnAction is the 5th instalment of an annual industry 4.0 conference series. This year’s speakers primarily represent the automotive industry – managers and experts of well-known Hungarian companies will introduce their results in the field of industry 4.0. The presentations will not define industry 4.0 or show its potential as these topics were covered in depth in previous years. Speakers representing clients as well as Hungarian and multinational suppliers will concentrate on case studies providing actual, practice oriented information to foster the implementation of industry 4.0.


Exclusive Networking Opportunities

At the ConnAction conferences we break with the tradition that we participate in every presentation, regardless of it being of interest to us or not, or even if it is irrelevant to us. The Smart Factory Coordinator application enables you to plan your programme two weeks before the event – select the presentations and other events you wish to take part in (for example workshops, factory visits), and book a meeting with exhibitors and other representatives so that you can discuss what you’ve experienced with them regarding industry challenges. The conference will have 150–200 attendees, most of whom face the same problems that you face. The Smart Factory Coordinator application helps you book a meeting with any of the participants in advance of the event. Do not miss this opportunity!

factory visit

Factory Visit

The Smart Factory ConnAction Conference has a tradition of visiting an exceptional, innovative manufacturer to gain inspiration for your industry 4.0 implementation. In 2016 participants visited the Kecskemét plant of Mercedes, in 2017 the Győr plant of Audi and in 2018 the Óbuda plant of Festo. This year we will visit the Opel plant of Szentgotthárd and the Lövő plant of Roto Elzett Certa to kickoff the conference on Wednesday, 19 June, in the morning. Registered participants can sign up for the factory visit in the Smart Factory Coordinator application.


Wellness and Sport

The 10 thousand m2 wellness facility of Spirit Hotel Thermal Spa will ensure that participants can relax after conference programmes. Thursday will include an allocated time slot for this purpose so that participants can process all the new information. On the second morning of the conference there will be a run together for industry 4.0. Our secret hope is that this will be the start of a tradition.

200 Experts
15+ Presentations
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3 Workshop
# Networking opportunity


[industry 4.0 experience]


Smart Factory ConnAction is an authentic industry 4.0 conference. Our speakers willnot define industry 4.0. We will cover case studies and best practices, while paneldiscussions will concentrate on sharing actual experience.

Péter Bóna

[Com-Forth Kft., CEO]

András Sós

[Com-Forth Kft., application developer engineer]

Gábor Gulyás

[HBPO GmbH, Technology Innovation Center Director]

Attila Vincze

[Arconic - Köfém Kft. Keréktermék Üzletág, IT&ABS Manager]

Árpád Fazekas

[Festo-AM Kft., Head of Industrial Engineering]

András Németh

[ Dolphio Technologies Kft., CTIO]

Dr. István Ködmön

[Herendi Porcelánmanufaktúra Zrt., Production manager]

dr. Martin Tóth

[Richter Gedeon Nyrt., Data Science domain expert]

Aladár Virág

[T-Systems Hungary Ltd., Industrial Development Manager]

Péter Illyés

[IQ Kecskemét Ipari Kutató Kft., CEO]

Richárd Tunkel


Sándor Pintér

[SAS, Sales Manager]

Dávid Salamon

[CloudStorm RPA, CEO]

Gergely Rab

[DELL Technologies, Solution Consultant]

Smart Factory ConnAction 2018

Check out last year's conference!

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Smart Factory ConnAction is an authentic industry 4.0 conference. We will go beyond simply defining industry 4.0. Automotive industry parts manufacturers, representatives of other manufacturing companies, and the most important solution suppliers will present already implemented solutions and case studies while panel discussions will focus on sharing actual experience, as this is the type of information that participants can use directly in their daily activities. 


Key topics:

  • industry 4.0 introduction experience
  • Cyber Security issues
  • Data Collection, Data Analysis, Big Data
  • Data Visualization, UX (User Experience)
  • AI, Machine Learning
  • Predictive Maintenance
  • RPA (Robotic Process Automation)
  • the human role in the introduction of industry 4.0


  • 19 June
  • 20 June
  • 21 June


Factory visit – Szentgotthárd plant of Opel

Participants of the visit will have an opportunity to see the automated production lines that manufacture the 3 main engine components – block, main shaft and cylinder head. The visit will also include the production lines where workers currently assemble PSA “Flex” engines. Production will switch to “EB” engines from the end of this year. A short live presentation on “data management for the industry” is also included in the visit.


Factory visit – Lövő plant of Roto Elzett Certa

Roto is a well-known brand of window and door technology. Our visit to Roto Elzett Certa Kft will enable participants to see the largest manufacturing plant of the group. The program will start with a short presentation giving an overview of the Industry 4.0 model plant case study (MES, small batch production, predictive maintenance and so on). This will be followed by a visit to the factory floor to see these solutions in practice, including the processes of modern door and window mounting manufacturing from pressing and tool maintenance to assembly and packing.


Factory visit – Herendi Porcelánmanufaktúra Zrt. Plant

Herendi Porcelánmanufaktúra Zrt. was founded in 1826 and today it is among the top china manufacturing companies of the world. Its traditional, typically Hungarian products of unique style are available the world over. Visitors will have the opportunity to have a glimpse of manufactory production and will hear about the challenges this special production type faces in the 21st century, such as digitalization, virtual reality, technical progress and speed. Company representatives will tell us about their solutions to merge tradition with innovation. They will explain how they integrate the technical inventions of the 21st century with their strongest value that is manufactory production. We will also see how a modern, 21st century “Manufactory 4.0” operation is introduced in the plant.


Registration - Spirit Hotel, Sárvár


Workshop: MES and industrial data analysis - Ivan Nekrasov, GE Digital


Workshop: Process discovery interactive workshop – how to find processes ideal for automation using software bots? – CloudStorm RPA

The first step to a successful automatization of office processes using software bots is to be able to identify best-suited eligible processes. CloudStorm's interactive workshop introduces the considerations and methods that can help this decision.


Workshop: Typical management decision-making situations in Industry 4.0 – DELL Technologies

When a manufacturing company sets foot on the path of Industry 4.0 it must face numerous decision points where not only the answers are not clear, but it is hard to formulate the actual questions or problems. In the first part of the workshop we will take an inventory of these decision considerations together to reveal the different aspect, possibly adding new ones to the list. The second part of the workshop will involve a group exercise to review the pros and cons of the most important aspects. The brainstorming of the second part will be supported by the spirit of a choice of local palinka specialties.


Professional workshop: network management and cyber security in the factory – György Melegh, Com-Forth


Interactive workshop: Production plant data collection and edge computing – András Sós, Com-Forth

Bring your laptop and try the latest solutions available for production plant data collection applications from local edge computing to cloud-based solutions.

The workshop is held by Application Development Engineer András Sós and Business Development Manager Gergely Ádám Kis (Com-Forth Kft).


Dinner & Professional consultation, moderated icebreaking discussions




Welcome speech - Péter Bóna, Com-Forth


The TOP 5 technology related trends of Industry 4.0 in Hungary without myths – Péter Bóna, Com-Forth

Péter Bóna, Com-Forth

The presentation will give an overview of the most important technology related trends of Industry 4.0 based on global market analyst forecasts, international trends and the presenters experience, from the perspective of manufacturing companies in Hungary. The facts behind hype, reality without myths.


Digital Thinking - Aladár Virág, T-Systems

Aladár Virág, T-Systems

To implement the basis of zero waste manufacturing and value chain a direct connection of real time, reliable first generation data has to be established with business KPIs.

The value flow takes us from industrial IT to business intelligence. The solution has to be embedded in system integration technology to be able to use new and innovative solutions to manage bottlenecks.


Digital trends in the industry – Gergely Rab, Dell Technologies


Networking coffee break


Case study presentation of István Molnár, Continental


Data analysis for the industry – András Sós, Com-Forth


Industry 4.0 and advanced analytics projects at Richter Gedeon Nyrt. – dr. Martin Tóth, Richter Gedeon Nyrt.

dr. Martin Tóth, Richter Gedeon Nyrt.

The presentation will introduce the Industry 4.0 program and strategy of the company with the related advanced analytics projects. Topics will include predictive maintenance, introduction of a plant dashboarding system, and production optimization using ML algorithms.


AI in manufacturing – Sándor Pintér, SAS

Sándor Pintér, SAS

Opportunities and challenges of using an advanced analytics solution in a live manufacturing environment.


Buffet lunch


Case study – A modern manufactory in the 21st century – Manufactory 4.0 – Dr. István Ködmön, Herendi Porcelánmanufaktúra Zrt.

Dr. István Ködmön, Herendi Porcelánmanufaktúra Zrt.

The presentation will focus on the follow points:

- What does manufactory production mean in the 21st century

- What are the challenges for Herendi Porcelánmanufaktúra Zrt.

- How to integrate current Industry 4.0 solutions and keep the advantages of manufactory production

- How to build a modern manufactory that can be defined with the analogue term Manufactory 4.0


How the Cloud, IOT, Blockchain and Artificial Intelligence are moving manufacturing organizations to a 4th Industrial revolution? - Eric Prevost, Oracle


The role of technology trends in Machine Vision – András Németh, Dolphio Technologies

András Németh, Dolphio Technologies

Popular technology trends and new solutions arriving in constant waves became a natural topic of not only professional discussions but also for the general public. Artificial Intelligence, Cloud, 5G, IoT are practically yesterday’s news. As such, ideas or customer requests to use these technologies for industrial purposes arise with an increasing frequency. The aim of the presentation is to give an overview of the extent these technologies (specially AI and Cloud) may be used in Machine Vision solutions, with emphasis on the possible advantages and practical limitations.


Coffee break, networking


Industry 4.0 solution in practice in an innovation centered ecosystem – Péter Illyés, IQ Kecskemét

Péter Illyés, IQ Kecskemét

The first part of the presentation introduces the innovation ecosystem created by IQ Kecskemét Kft. The second part offers an insight into a "DIY" MES system that is a product of this ecosystem – a low budget Industry 4.0 solution.

The presentation will demonstrate the reasons why it is important and useful to connect a company training workshop actively involved in dual training, an innovative cluster, a university cooperation and a 3D creative space.


Result on a production line - Richárd Tunkel, REACH

Tunkel Richárd, REACH

The challenges of creating a digital twin and an introduction to implementation with emphasis on the areas where this solution offers significant business value.


Keynote presentation: The fourth industrial revolution is here - Are you ready? - Thomas Schulz, GE Digital


Closing of day 1


Wellness, networking


Gala dinner


Morning run for industry 4.0


Registration, networking


Welcome speech of the 2nd day – Péter Bóna, Com-Forth


Case study – Industry 4.0 lessons learned following introduction from China to Mexico at HBPO GROUP – Gábor Gulyás, HBPO

Gábor Gulyás, HBPO

More than 700 production workstations in 20 plants, digitally connected and managed. What is the real challenge of introduction? What are the issues following introduction?


Case study – Big Data Analysis – skeletons in the cupboard – Attila Vincze, Arconic – Köfém Kft.

Attila Vincze, Arconic-Köfém Kft.

Does Big Data analysis automatically lead to success? What are the criteria for a successful Big Data analysis? Practical conclusions drawn from completed and in progress analysis examples.


Panel discussion: Data Analysis, Big Data, Machine Learning, AI

Participants will discuss data collection, use and security questions focusing on the reality behind the hype of Big Data, Machine Learning and AI.


  • Attila Vincze, IT&ABS Manager - Arconic - Köfém Kft. Keréktermék Üzletág
  • András Sós, Application Development Engineer - Com-Forth Kft.
  • Szabolcs Bíró, Lead Data Scientist - Hiflylabs
  • Sándor Pintér, Head of Sales - SAS
  • Richárd Tunkel, CTO - REACH


Networking coffee break


Case study – Lessons learned from the introduction of a new semi-automatic production line at Festo, from the perspective of Industry 4.0 – Árpád Fazekas, Festo-AM Kft.

Árpád Fazekas, Festo-AM Kft.

The new semi-automatic production line involves operators and robots working together. This setup includes several Industry 4.0 solutions. Human resources are supported by different digital solutions in order to increase efficiency. The presentation will introduce the assembly line and showcase these innovative solutions.


The future of the world of work with regard to automation - Dávid Salamon, Cloudstorm RPA


Panel discussion: The future of the world of work with regard to automation


Buffet lunch


Closing of the conference

Don’t miss it this year!

Participation is free for the delegates of industry 4.0 experts of manufacturing companies. For the conditions on free participation please see the registration information section.

Useful Information

[What is conference venue?]


Spirit Hotel Thermal Spa of Sárvár, which opened in 2008, is the most exclusive five star hotel in Hungary in the vicinity of seven picturesque lakes. Rooms follow the oriental style. The hotel has a 10 thousand m2 wellness and spa facility called Oázis and a healthcare centre.

road-trip-car-rental How to get there?

Take motorway M7 to Balatonakarattya and then road 710 to Litér and Veszprém, and follow roads 8 and 84 to Sárvár. Alternatively take motorway M1 towards Győr, use the M86 exit to Szombathely and follow expressway M86 to Sárvár.

hotel-service-resident-room-wedding Hotel reservation

Please note that accommodation is not included in the conference fee. You can book your hotel room here (additional cost applies). Prices: 30 900 HUF / person / night in Premium double room, 36 900 HUF / person/ night in Premium single room.

tuxido-suit-groom-formal-dress-wedding Dress code

Business Formal or Business casual.

Create your own conference schedule using Smart Factory Coordinator!

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The application enables you to select the presentations and workshops to visit and to arrange meetings with other participants of the conference.